Artist Alley – Exhibit Hall – SOLD OUT

No worries! We have added an extension to the popular Artist Alley called Artist Alley Annex which will be located on the first floor of the Convention Center.

Things To Know When Booking An Artist Alley Annex Table(s)
  • Cost for One (1) Artist Alley Annex table is $275. Cost for Two (2) Artist Alley Annex Tables is $550.  Each Artist Alley table is six (6’) feet long.
  • As a part of Artist Alley at SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON 2018 you must provide Show Management with a valid California Permanent or Temporary Seller’s Permit.
  • For questions and to apply for a California Sellers Permit, click here:
  • You have two (2) options to submit your California Permanent or Temporary Seller’s Permit: you can upload your permit during the application process, or email the form to Alida Roberts at
  • When filling out your application enter your company name as you wish it to appear in all Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 promotional material (website, mobile app, printed material, etc).
Rules And Regulations For Artist Alley and Artis Alley Annex (both referred to as Artist Alley) table(s):
  • Artists must be 18-years age or older.
  • Each Artist Alley Table comes with two (2) exhibitor passes. Maximum of two (2) staff per table at all times.
  • No weapons or adult material sales allowed within Artist Alley
  • No Food or Beverage samples are allowed to be given out to attendees.
  • No live animals allowed within Artist Alley unless a services animal.
  • Selling Policy: Exhibitor has the right to sell merchandise at their table during the show so long as Exhibitor has obtained and can produce evidence of full, unencumbered rights to sell merchandise without infringing upon the intellectual property rights of another entity. You are NOT allowed to copy, trace or in any way reproduce (either by hand or machine) an existing piece of art and sell it as your own. Fanart MUST be an original design that utilizes your favorite characters.
  • Payment is due upon purchase of Artist Alley table(s).
  • Cancellation policy all purchases are non-refundable.
  • Subleasing. Artist Alley Table(s) may not assign, sublet, or resell its table(s) space nor any part thereof. Artist may not permit non-exhibiting company representatives to operate from its booth. Rulings of SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON shall, in all instances, be final with regards to use of exhibit space.
  • Relocation and Floor Plan Revisions. SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON retains the exclusive right to revise the Show floor plan and/or move assigned Artist as necessary, at SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON’s discretion.
  • The character of Displays. Distribution of samples and printed matter of any kind and any promotional material is restricted to the Artist Alley table(s). All table(s) shall display products or services in a tasteful manner as determined in SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON’S sole discretion. The aisles, passageways, and overhead spaces remain strictly under control of SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising material or special exhibits will be permitted. Advertising distribution must be made by Exhibitor only from within his or her table(s). Equipment must be arranged so that show visitors do not stand in the aisle while examining equipment or watching demonstrations. Strolling entertainment or moving advertisements outside of an Artist exhibit space is prohibited.
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